Just because the pavement ends doesn’t mean your travels should. We’ve got it covered with the x2 SE PT. Ready for an adventure? Conquer terrain from a construction site or manufacturing campus to a nature trail or RV park. The stability offered by the x2 SE’s wide platform and deep-tread tires can handle the challenge. Take the path less traveled. Charge through high grass. Shred trails. The x2 SE’s 8 inches of ground clearance affords you unrivaled access to wide open spaces. The x2 SE has the power and performance to let you play while you work, wherever you are.

Segway X2 SE Personal Transporter

  • Local pickup is ideal. Shipping would need to be calculated by zip via UPS or FedEx. Weight is 119 lbs. Box dimmensions are (L: 25.75" x W: 37.5" x H: 30.5"). Originating zipcode is 78704


  • We do not issue returns. Segway has a 1 year limited warranty on all new Segways.