Austin's Premier Segway Tour and Segway Golf Experiences

Segway PT X2 Tours

Exploring Austin on a Segway is an experience you won't forget.  With a focus on the downtown landscape, we proudly offer small-group, family & business-friendly tours that feature Austin landmarks & local gems.  Spilling the details will spoil the fun, but rest assured, our tours hit the highlights!


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Segway PT X2 Golf

Enhance your golf game with a round of Segway Golf.  Great for trying a new experience or impressing a business client. 

Segway Golf gives you the freedom to focus on your game without the concern of pace of play.

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Segway Ownership

Attending a festival, grabbing groceries or zipping in and out of a cocktail hour on a Segway will make you feel spoiled, but reducing stress, by whatever means necessary, requires more than putting time in at the gym. Segway ownership will transform the way you navigate downtown Austin. With a range of nearly 20 miles and the increase in ridership for bike lanes, you'll be blown away by the freedom, flexibility, and time you'll save by owning your own.

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Transport Yourself began with a desire to share the love we have for downtown Austin with others WITHOUT having to deal with parking, traffic or a roof overhead.  Having owned a pair of Segway PT's ourselves for 10 years now, we leave our Segways plugged in and cars parked as much as we can.  We truly feel it's the significant factor that helps us live our best life as #locals.

It's our goal to continually showcase what makes Austin such a great place to be, so our tours are geared for both tourists & locals alike.  And because we value time, our tours won't eat up your whole day.  Book a tour with us to experience Austin's top destinations & local favorites on Austin's newest fleet of

Segway X2 Personal Transporters.

-Charles & Shelby Schreiber

"Electricity is a domestically produced transportation fuel that will transform our nation's transportation sector"

 - Edison Electric Institute

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