Segway Golf Tips


  • Getting on - chin up

  • Getting off - arms straight

  • Point the steer frame in the direction you want to go

  • Learn how to switch from balance mode (riding) to standby mode (dismounting to hit your shot)

  • Feet must be centered on the platform

  • Understand the stick shake - red light

  • Understand a safety shutdown 



  • Always be in control, don’t top out the speed

  • Lean in the direction of turns

  • Be loose with your body to feel the variance in terrain



  • Take your time when getting on the Segway

  • Park only where it’s safe to do so, parallel to the slope.

  • Stay on cart path the first few holes or until you become comfortable getting on, getting off, stopping and parking with ease.

  • Always leave a gap between your body and the handlebar.

  • If the cart path has too much of a slope, stay on the grass - take the path of least resistance




  • If the Segway is moving backward: Center your feet on the platform. The Segway will move backward if your feet are mostly on the back of the platform. Err on the side of caution by being slightly forward.

  • I’m rocking back and forth: Relax. Rest your hands on the handlebars and make sure the platform is level (green light) before stepping on.

  • The Segway is spinning/turning when I get on or off: Loosen your grip & try putting one hand on top of the other in the center of the steer frame.

  • I'm uncomfortable on hills: Simply "break" the whole way down!  Leaning forward will cause a speed limiter function to raise the platform towards your chins. RELAX. Keep the distance between your body and the handlebar.

  • I hear a growling noise when I step on the platform:  The green indicator light must be lit up before stepping on - this indicates that the platform is level and safe to step on.