Segway Golf Tips


  • To get on:  Think "chin up - step up" and relax your grip and shoulders.

  • To get off - Step off one foot at a time & keep your arms straight.  Don't walk your feet off the back of the platform - that tells the Segway to go in reverse.

  • Turning: Simply point the steer frame in the direction you want to go.

  • Dismount to hit your shot - do a "1 press" on the power button (Lft bottom key fob).  If you do a hard press it will power the Segway down.  It's an obvious sound and no info. will be detected on the fob.  Simply do another hard press to power it up.  

  • Always tap the balance platform to get a green light before stepping on 

  • If the Segway growls or you see a red light - push the lean steer forward or backward & tap the platform - it's unlevel and you should not step on again until you see green.  



  • Be loose with your hips/knees to feel the variance in terrain

  • ABC - Always Be in Control; ride your heels on the declines to control your speed

  • Inclines - push your hips all the way forward/put your belly on the bar for uphill slopes.  You can also position your feet a bit forward on the platform.



  • Stay on the cart path for first few holes or until you become comfortable getting on, getting off, stopping and parking with ease.

  • If the cart path has too much of a slope, stay on the grass - take the path of least resistance

  • Always park on level ground. 




  • The Segway will move backward (reverse) if your feet are mostly on the back of the platform. Err on the side of caution by having your feet slightly forward.

  • If you're rocking back and forth: Relax, especially your feet & hand grip.  Your hips are your center of gravity - you should understand a neutral body position to play with ease. 

  • The Segway is spinning/turning when you get on or off: Try putting your left hand on the handlebar & your right hand on your golf bag. 

  • If uncomfortable going downhill, simply "break" the whole way down!  Driving your hips for forward motion will cause a speed limiter function to slow you down raising the platform towards your chins. It makes some people feel like they might fall backwards.  Relax, and trust the Segway.